Sep 21, 2015 - Potato Disease Report #16

Dr. Vikram Bisht
Potato & Horticultural Crops,
Manitoba Agriculture, Foods and Rural Development

Harvest is almost 50% done, and the conditions are going to be good for harvesting this week, with no rain in the forecast. Overnight temperatures in general are less than 10C.

Late blight infected tomato plants were found in Portage La Prairie. This find also appears to have been infected around the first week in September.

Late Blight Tomato

One of the main issues this season has been European corn borer (ECB) damage in many fields. By the time the damage was first noticed in late July, the time for effective insecticide application spray had already passed. At this time many of the larvae are changing or changed to pupal stage. So we should expect some issue in the coming season. For 2016, we will be monitoring for the ECB adults using various traps and scouting for early larval stage. Correct timing of insecticide application at the larval stage is most effective. If you are interested in participating in monitoring for ECB adults and larvae please contact me.


The late blight forecast modelling has been stopped. Thanks to WIN staff for their help during the season. This will be the last report for the season; unless some major issue comes up.

I take this opportunity to thank the Ag-Weather group (MAFRD), and all the agronomists for their cooperation during the season. Special mention: Scott Graham, Kurt Ginter Leon Jarvis, Ron Lintott, Doug Pryor, Steve Saunderson, Landon Thompson, Trevor Thornton and Darren White.

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