Jul 29, 2014 - Potato Disease Report #11

By Vikram Bisht and Xiaowei Guo
Potato & Horticultural Crops, Manitoba Agriculture, Foods and Rural Development

The fields planted earlier were row closed at the bulking stage (about 85%), where the tubers are growing bigger; the late planted fields were getting close. P-Days ranged from 418 to 452. The plants were suffered from heat in some fields with hot weather last week. Soil moisture should be in 80-90% at the current growth stage; however, excess soil water would slow tuber bulking.

Seven-day DSVs were high in the western area, ranging from 4 to 9, and the Carberry area was 9. The DSVs ranged from 2 to 7 and 5 to 7 for the central and southern areas, respectively. Although the weather conditions were there for the late blight disease, no late blight disease was reported so far, probably because no or low level of inoculums were in the fields, or the fungicides already applied had contribution.

There were a couple of reports showing PVY appearance in the field with low disease incidence.

In Ontario, a suspected case of late blight was found in Simcoe County.

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