Aug 25, 2015 - Potato Disease Report #11

Dr. Vikram Bisht
Plant Pathologist, Potato & Horticultural Crops, Manitoba Agriculture, Foods & Rural Initiatives

Crops are doing quite well throughout the province. Weekly accumulated DSVs indicate low to moderate risk conditions for late blight disease, if the disease inoculum was present. Currently, MB has no report of late blight.

There is a forecast for warm and dry conditions for the remainder of the week. This should keep the late blight risk at low levels. However, it is still prudent to keep scouting in low lying and sheltered areas.

As the crops are maturing and have settled down it is important to keep the canopy protected with at least protectant fungicides. The early blight incidence continues to be low in most fields, especially in Russet Burbank.

In many fields, many plants which appear to be potato Verticillium wilt affected, upon closer examination show damage by European corn borer or maggots of Diptera flies. Such insect injuries, in many cases have led to blackleg bacterial rot of the stems.

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